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Trademark, copyright, and patent registration and maintenance—

Third parties can buy and sell original mental creations like inventions, literary and creative works, and commercial symbols, names, pictures, and designs. There are four forms of intellectual property protection. Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, and Designs Patents and trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indicators of source or firm name or brand are all examples of industrial property and innovations. Copyright works include things like books, poems, plays, movies, musical pieces, and creative works like drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures, and plans for buildings. We in our Lawyer Channel understand the prevalent difficulties and are capable of providing effective solutions to our customers’ needs in today’s global village of rising multinational firms, brands, e-commerce, and counterfeiting. Aid and services are available in the following areas:

We are often approached to help our customers with trademark, copyright, and patent design registrations. We can also tell you if you should protect and register your intellectual property rights and how to do so, as well as the methods and requirements for registration.

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Intellectual Property Litigation:

We have been representing Pakistan’s top corporate leaders in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Our expertise is in obtaining a restraining order from a court of law as well as removing and destroying counterfeit products from the open market. We have the contacts, resources, and staff in place to make such a move to our customers’ advantage.

As a result, our law firm’s name has been included among Pakistan’s best law firms in Multan. Many of the world’s most well-known firms entrust us with the protection of their trademarks and intangible assets, including consumer goods, food and beverages, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors. Obtaining an IP address Some of our Pakistani customers have sought our advice on IP acquisition and the legal ramifications of such acquisitions under Pakistani law. We have sometimes suggested ways to reach the goal that are efficient and don’t cost too much.

Purchasing a domain name:

Our company may also help with Internet and domain name concerns, media and advertising legislation, packaging and labeling, regulatory requirements, trade secret protection, and other data protection issues.

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