Inheritance and Succession Certificate

The legitimacy of a successor may be verified using an inheritance and succession certificate. If an individual passes away without leaving a valid will specifying who is to inherit his or her personal effects, the heirs to that individual’s estate may apply for a succession certificate.

succession certificate

Exactly what is a succession certificate?

The Civil Court of Pakistan issues legal documents called “succession certificates” when a person dies and leaves behind a legal heir. The document is essential for the decedent’s heirs since it changes the ownership of a decedent’s movable assets such as money, jewels, vehicles, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, etc., to the decedent’s name upon death (s).

Regulation of Succession and its Time Period

The Succession Act of 1925 regulates matters relating to the granting of succession certificates. Its scope encompasses the whole of Pakistan. All actions taken in connection with the transfer of a decedent’s property are governed by the Law of Succession 1925.

It may take up to 2 months under normal conditions to issue a succession certificate. When a third party intervenes and causes resistance, however, the matter might get more complex and take up to three months.

Prerequisites for Obtaining a Certificate of Succession

If you want to apply for a succession certificate, you’ll need to provide the following official paperwork:

  • Prove-of-Death Document
  • An electronic version of the legal heir’s passport (CNIC).
  • Specifics of the deceased’s connection to the living
  • Specifics and supporting documentation for the movable asset
  • In the case that the heir is a minor, a Court-issued Guardian Certificate will be necessary. The certificate authorizes the legal guardian to lodge a claim on behalf of the child.

To submit a succession certificate application

There are two methods to use a succession certificate when there are several heirs.

The Application Process Begins With You

Each legal heir submits an individual application to the Court for a succession certificate, and the Court issues each applicant a succession certificate bearing his or her name.

Mutual Request

The succession certificate may be applied for jointly by all legitimate heirs. A succession certificate may be issued in the name of a single legal heir if all of the heirs agree throughout the court processes. A certificate is issued by the court in the name of the rightful heir, and the other heirs divide the inheritance among themselves without consulting with each other.

Certificate of Succession Cancellation

  • The following scenarios allow for the revocation of the succession certificate.
  • In the event that the succession certificate acquiring process is flawed,
  • In the event that the succession certificate is acquired dishonestly,
  • If the certificate of succession is acquired by making a false claim of a material fact, even if done accidentally, the certificate will be invalid.

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