How to Get Divorce for Christian Couple? Christian Divorce Lawyer

The Succession Act 1925, the Christian Divorce Act 1869, and The Christian Marriage Act 1872 are all colonization rules that manage Christian marital disputes and give us procedures for how to get a divorce for a Christian couple? The Christians Divorce Act of 1869 pertains to divorced legislation for Christians proposed by the British for all Christian faiths. According to the laws mentioned earlier, there are three ways to file a divorce case in Pakistan. particularly,

  1. Dissolution of marriage
  2. Nullity of marriage
  3. Judicial separation
Christian Divorce in Pakistan

Dissolution of marriage:

Pakistan’s present family laws, which solely apply to Christians, are over 200 years old. The law allows Christian spouses to dissolve for four reasons:

  • Adultery
  • Conversion
  • Marriage to another
  • Cruelty

The husband may file a request for dissolution of marriage by accusing his spouse of unfaithfulness. Still, a female spouse must establish adultery combined with harshness, and adultery in addition to polygamy, according to section 10 of the Christian Divorce Act of 1869.

Nullity of marriage:

Another alternative available to Christians is to submit a nullity petition, which effectively renders a marital connection null and invalid. The jurisdiction of a nullity petition is equally restricted, and there are only a few justifications for filing one. The grounds of a nullity petition in Pakistan are:

  • Marriage between prohibited degrees
  • Impotence
  • Lunacy
  • Idiocy at the time of marriage

Judicial separation

The woman may also file for legal separation, and the man has the right to fight both the divorce and the nullity petition simultaneously. When the husband or the wife disputes the matter, the court must listen to both sides. To go through the Christian divorce process in Pakistan, the first step is finding a certified Christian divorce lawyer in Pakistan.

The Christian divorce procedure in Pakistan is a little complicated, so not all lawyers are qualified to handle it. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact Bukhari Law Associates, Pakistan’s top Christian divorce attorney, whether you want to register or fight a lawsuit concerned with Christian divorce, nullity lawsuits, separations, or restraining orders. We offer comprehensive divorce papers, such as a court-issued Christians Divorce Certificate.

The Christian divorce procedure in Pakistan:

Lawyer Channel has many Christian customers throughout Pakistan, and the Christian community trusts us because they understand Lawyer Channel is the greatest law office in Pakistan that is well-versed in Christian legislation, particularly when it comes to the Christian divorce procedure. Christian divorce is not the same as divorce in Pakistan, and Christian divorce has a very restricted reach in Pakistan. There are a few reasons Christians can divorce their spouse with the help of a Christian divorce lawyer in Lahore and must prove each basis. Change of religion, Sodomy, second marriage, and Adultery are some reasons for Christian divorce in Pakistan. The rationale for this restriction is that Christianity is a religious sacrament, not a contractual one, for Muslims. Although definitive proof is not required in infidelity since it is hard to prove, circumstantial evidence can be given and is accepted by the court. Family courts in Lahore, Pakistan, do not even have the authority to hear instances of Christian divorce.

You can call Lawyer Channel to perform a Christian divorce procedure in Pakistan or a Christian divorce in Pakistan through a Christian divorce lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan. We can carry out Christian divorce procedures in Lahore, Pakistan, and facilitate the task of Christian divorce simple for our customers.

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