How to file a complaint against cybercrime in Pakistan?

How to file a complaint against cybercrime in Pakistan

Pakistan’s government implemented cybercrime legislation to control people’s behavior on online platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, and other sites, as well as their use of mobile phones. Now we will guide you on how to file a complaint against cybercrime in Pakistan. If you believe someone has hacked your Facebook account or posted your pictures online without your permission, or if you believe someone is attempting to harm your reputation or defame you by posting transformed or edited photos online or sharing them with diverse people, or if someone is spreading hatred online or doing anything similar online, all you need to do is file a complaint and report such cybercrimes to NR3C, which is an online complaint and reporting system.

The process of filing a complaint against any act that constitutes cybercrime in Pakistan has become very convenient. The following are some examples of cybercrime in Pakistan that can be filed with the FIA’s cybercrime wing:

  • Someone has created a phone, Facebook, or Twitter account in your name.
  • Someone has uploaded your photographs and videos without your permission, regardless of how they obtained them.
  • Hacking into your personal data, including but not limited to Facebook, email, websites, etc.
  • Someone is propagating or trying to propagate ethnic or racial intolerance online through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • The unauthorized use of your electronic gadget (laptop, phone, etc.) is possible. Any conduct that damages your image or causes you to be publicly humiliated using an electrical gadget.
  • fraudulent financial transfers by the bank, internet, ATM, Upaisa, JazzCash, Easypaisa, or other online money transfer services.

Cybercrime Reporting Guidelines

If you are the victim of any of the offenses listed above, follow the steps outlined below to report it to the FIA Cyber Crime Wing in Pakistan: Register a complaint online using this link: ( also, there is space to register a complaint via email at ([email protected]).

  • A cybercrime offense is being committed in Pakistan with all possible details of the activities you want to report and the person’s character or URL/profile.

You also can make a complaint about cybercrime in person by sending it to Directorate NR3C-FIA, National Police Foundation Building, 2nd Floor, Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad, or submitting a hardcopy application to the closest FIA Cyber Crime Station.

How Do I File A Complaint About Cybercrime?

You must provide all relevant facts about the cybercrime offense in Pakistan in your complaint. Can express criticism in both English and Urdu. It must, however, be supported by all the evidence that supports your position, such as a screenshot of the Facebook page, images uploaded online, conversations or photos received over mobile facetime, telegraph, or Facebook messenger, and so on.

The top cybercrime legal companies in Lahore and Multan are Lawyer Channel & Associates. The complaint is founded on and must be backed by proof that the facts stated therein are actual. Over the years, the FIA Cyber Crime Wing has grown in strength and resourcefulness. They have the authority to collect and recover data from phone companies, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other platforms to track down a person committing cybercrime in Pakistan. An investigation into the complaint has begun to locate the guilty individual suspected of committing cybercrime in Pakistan. Depending on the data and proof connected to the objection, it may take a little time. As a result, the complaint must be prepared by a competent lawyer who can aid in attaching the necessary evidence to begin action against the offender and speed up the resolution of the complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions About: How to File a Complaint Against Cybercrime in Pakistan?

What complaints will CCW accept?

The CCW FIA may investigate the following complaints:

Unauthorized (Physical Information System, digital data, personal identity) Twitter ID forgery, email hacking (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) Using a bank, ATM, or any other online financial transfer facility to steal money is a crime. Impersonation and slander on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

What is the procedure for filing a complaint?

You have three options for filing a complaint. hand-delivered or sent to the appropriate circle. Fill out the online complaint form at and send it to [email protected]

Can we complain by phone to the helpline?

No, the helpdesk cannot receive complaints. You can only acquire guidelines concerning your cybercrime complaint.

How can I track my complaint’s progress?

When in doubt, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 051-9106690-91, or 1991. You may contact your complaint circle.

Can I file a complaint directly with Cyber Crime Zones?

Yes, you may bring your written application and supporting documents.

How can we report a cybercrime?

You may file a complaint online at Send an email to [email protected] You may submit a letter to your relevant circle with your full name, address, CNIC, and contact number.

Can CCW find stolen computers and phones?

CCW does track stolen laptops. Only when a laptop, phone, or other device is stolen due to cybercrime.

How long does it take to block a Facebook ID?

We normally file a request to Facebook authorities against the fraudulent ID within one week of receiving your report.

How to regain access to a hacked WhatsApp?

Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone and attempt to activate it 4–5 times till it becomes blocked. Subsequently, write your complaint to [email protected] with the following details:

Name, Please attach a front view of your CNIC. Phone number Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone and attempt to activate your account after 72 hours.

How long will it take for my issue to be resolved?

If you submit your complaint in person, it will be processed by the appropriate circle and you will be assigned a complaint number. Your concerned circle will respond to your online complaint within a week. Your email complaint will be acknowledged by your relevant cybercrime circle in 8–10 days.

How long will it take for my issue to be addressed?

Verification takes 14 days, and an investigation officer needs 90 days to complete your complaint. So, per regulation, your complaint will be investigated for 90 days.

Where should I file my complaint?

You may file a complaint with your local jurisdiction.

Cyber Crime Reporting Centers
Cyber Crime Reporting Centers

How can I locate my cybercrime circle’s address and phone number? Where can I locate a Cyber Crime Center? Currently, there are 15 cybercrime reporting centers accessible to you. Click here for visit.

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