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Nikah is the Islamic religious ceremony that unites a Muslim man and a Muslim woman in a holy marriage. Even if they subscribe to more Western beliefs surrounding the marriage, many families will enjoy this event with high respect. The purpose of the Nikah ritual is to put the new partnership before Allah. If you follow specific instructions, you will find the answer to how do you perform Nikah on your own. The Nikah will be invalidated if you do it yourself and do not follow the Islamic conditions for it to be genuine.

How Do You Perform Nikah on Your Own

Basic requirement to perform a nikah

Bride and Groom.

It is critical to ensure that the bride and groom are both eligible to participate in the Nikah.

  • Christian or Jewish women may be eligible for Nikah if a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman as long as they do not worship anybody other than God. She can not enter into the Nikah with a Muslim guy if she worships an idol or practices it polytheism.
  • The sole criterion for a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim guy is that he converts to Islam freely.
  • The Muslim bride-to-be should avoid engaging in any immoral behavior that might jeopardize the legality of the marriage.

Blessings from parents

It is essential to obtain the blessings of both the bride’s and groom’s parents, as well as their extended families and relations. Without the blessings of both parents, the marriage will not be confirmed as a Nikah.

Blessings of the Imam

Taking the Imam’s or any Muslim scholar’s or judge’s blessings is significant, but it pales in comparison to taking one’s parents’ blessings. If only one Imam’s blessings are used, without the involvement of parents, the Nikah will be invalidated since it was performed in secret.

Bride’s Representation

During the Nikah, the bride’s legal guardian or any other appointed representative shall be present. The Nikah cannot be performed if the bride’s side is not represented. If the groom is of sound mind, he does not require a representative.


The Nikah must be seen by two sound-minded adult male witnesses. As a witness, a responsible adult Muslim woman is present. The Nikah must still be validated by a sound-minded adult Muslim male.


It is a present given by the husband to the bride at the Nikah ceremony. Meher can be a valuable present, such as jewelry. It must be a figure on which both sides agree.

Marriage Commissioners

In some circumstances, the marriage authorities may differ. It might be the Imam himself, or any other Muslim judge, Qazi, competent Muslim scholar, or Moulvi appointed by the government. You can do Nikah on your own if you complete all of the aforementioned prerequisites.

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