Medical Malpractice

The two terms, “medical carelessness” and “medical malpractice,” are commonly used interchangeably. Medical malpractice is described as when a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider acts in a way that deviates from accepted medical practice and causes harm to a patient. Anyone who works in the medical or related fields is considered a healthcare professional. … Read more

Correction in CNIC

NADRA has the authority to issue computerized national identity cards (CNIC) to Pakistani nationality holders. A mistake made in the CNIC for any reason whatsoever needs urgent attention to avoid any future difficulty for the person. The errors can be related to: The Entry of the Wrong Name The entry of the wrong father’s name … Read more

Inheritance and Succession Certificate

The legitimacy of a successor may be verified using an inheritance and succession certificate. If an individual passes away without leaving a valid will specifying who is to inherit his or her personal effects, the heirs to that individual’s estate may apply for a succession certificate. Exactly what is a succession certificate? The Civil Court … Read more

Marriage Procedure in Pakistan – Required Documents For Marriage

An official union between a man and a woman, solemnized in front of the magistrate or nikah registrar, is termed a “court marriage.” A judicial marriage is entered into when one or both of the parties cannot acquire their parents’ consent or are afraid that they won’t be allowed to be married to one another. … Read more

Pakistan’s Christian Marriage Laws and Procedures

You may get in touch with us for assistance with Christian court marriage registration and documents in Pakistan if the wedding pair both want to be married under the legal protection of the court and practice Christianity. The Supreme Court has ordered union councils and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to register Christian … Read more

Islam and Second Marriage

Under certain circumstances, Allah, the Almighty, has granted each man the privilege of four marriages. The Holy Quran often utilizes the terms “love” and “mercy” to describe the connection between a husband and wife. These two elements assist them in maintaining their connection and strengthening their bond. In today’s society, getting married a second time … Read more

Inheritance Law in Pakistan – Lawyer Channel

Inheritance law in Pakistan is a set of rules and regulations that control how individuals get assets from the estate of a deceased relative. These provisions ensure that beneficiaries get some kind of inheritance if a will is never created or does not cover all of the deceased person’s possessions. Succession is the process of … Read more

Consumer Court In Pakistan – Latest Amendments

Consumer Law: The interaction between customers and the vendors of the items and services they use is governed by consumer law. To protect consumer rights, the federal and provincial governments have put in place consumer laws under the following Acts: The Consumer Protection Act of Islamabad, 1995; the Consumer Protection Act of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1997 … Read more

Intellectual property protection (IP) – Lawyer Channel

Trademark, copyright, and patent registration and maintenance— Third parties can buy and sell original mental creations like inventions, literary and creative works, and commercial symbols, names, pictures, and designs. There are four forms of intellectual property protection. Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, and Designs Patents and trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indicators of source or firm name … Read more

What is the difference between engagement and Nikah?

The time that passes between a couple’s announcement that they want to be married and the wedding itself is referred to as the engagement period. It is a verbal agreement that is not legally enforceable, and any person may terminate it by simply stating, “I’ve changed my mind.” Nikah The nikah is the culmination of … Read more